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Xbox One Will Release On FFXIV -

  • 2018-06-21 10:02:13
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Final Fantasy XIV has been available for eight years and is currently very powerful. The studio has done a great job in updating the regular content of the player base and fixing the game.


Recently, the studio is even considering porting the game to Nintendo’ s Switch console and Xbox One with cross-platform play support. For more information, please pay attention to, you can buy the cheapest and safe FFXIV items including FFXIV powerleveling and  FFXIV gear and so on in here.

According to official reports, "Recently, Square Enix and Nintendo have been discussing and planning to transplant their masterpiece FFXIV to the Nintendo Switch Platform, and their discussions with Microsoft and Sony are still going on".

If Square Enix gets its way and talks with Nintendo are positive, the popular MMO - Final Fantasy XIV will run on the Nintendo Switch platform.

The current cooperation on FFXIV with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One is still under discussion, and the most important issues encountered in the negotiation process are still in communication.

Square Enix revealed that it will also launch Final Fantasy 14: The Flirty of Hong Lian, it is certainly a good thing for players if they can play this game on more platforms.

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