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Guild Wars 2 Guides of Leveling Up Effectively

  • 2017-05-11 15:21:03
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There is no doubt that all the Guild Wars 2 players want to know how to level up characters quickly. That is the topic I want to tell you for today. Read the following contents for the professional Guild Wars 2 guides of leveling up effectively.


You should complete stumble upon events that you will meet when you explore the different areas of Tyria. So you can earn experience after completing these tasks such as kill more difficult enemies, defend an area, capture an area, collecte materials, or something else along those lines. It is a good way to rack up experience points for leveling. And Guild Wars 2 Gold EU must be necessary if you want to buy some items to level up faster.

If you have killed some difficult enemies, you can receive some currency, a bit of karma, and loot on top of XP. Stick around a little while after you've completed an event, though, because some turn into event chains consisting of 2-4 challenges back-t0-back.
Besides that, crafting is also a great way to level up your character. You can level up 7 times by going from 0-400 in a particular crafting discipline. Ensure to consume a crafting booster for the extra XP. Going from 400-500 in the applicable crafting disciplines will reward you with an additional 3 levels, but at a much higher cost. Chef and Jeweler are two of the cheapest crafting disciplines if you’re trying to level your character on a budget.

What's more, Experience Scrolls are a type of consumable that increase a character's level to 20 or 30 as long as the character is currently below those respective levels. These scrolls are the largest XP boosters in the game and are accordingly rare.

If your server is doing well in WvW it's almost guaranteed that you'll find a large group playing it. Participate in the captures of camps, keeps, and other points to rack up insane amounts of experience quickly. Playing in WvW is one of the best ways to level up fast in Guild Wars 2. Your character will receive tons of XP for helping to defend your servers’captured structures and for taking over enemy structures.

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