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Guild War 2 Super Adventure Festival Fun Begins

  • 2017-04-10 11:42:21
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The Guild War 2 Super Adventure fun festival finally begins on March 30, bring a ton of fun activities like jumping into the box, using bouncing skills, taking on Lord Vanquish collecting items and much more. It is also packed with more “beautifully-rendered, three-dimensional ”graphics. The festive will run through April 20th. So are you getting ready to experience Tyria’s most cutting-edge technological edutainment system?


In addition, there is a new epic quest t save Princess Miya, which requires you to fight against wizards, assassins, and giant frogs. Guild War gold is the main currency that can be used to buy many items, upgrade your skills and increase your strength. Buy GW2 gold cheap, safe and fast from!
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“Super Adventure Box was created to teach valuable lessons to asuran progeny, but it’s fun for all ages. Take up your trusty stick and chase after the evil Lord Vanquish, who has kidnapped Princess Miya—you’ll find hidden secrets, dangerous enemies, and new ways to power up your hero within the colorful world of the box.”

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