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Lineage 2 Grand Crusade Update, New Zones, New Quest & More Added

  • 2017-05-12 12:15:53
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The latest expansion of Lineage 2 EU Grand Crusade content have updated with a series of new features including new Zones, new quests, new epic weapon and more to the game. In addition to the new additions, there are the some additions made to the existing content. You can find the brief info about the update below!


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 As for some changes implements, the changes have been made to the Olympiad Arena, Olympiad Manager and Mysterious Butler supplies, factions, the Bestiary interface, and the auction. In addition, the update introduces an instance zone that resets every two weeks, granting access to the most experienced players.

Confrontation between Elmoreden army and Embryo becomes more and more fierce — forces of darkness launch an attack on Keucereus Alliance Base. Every two weeks this instance zone becomes a battlefield for the most experienced players. After defending the base, heroes will have a chance to visit inner or outer part of Messiah Castle to battle new raid boss Camille.

Other changes include:
Olympiad Arena visual changes
Olympiad Manager & Mysterious Butler supplies updated
Faction updates
Bestiary interface added
Auction updates

To read the full list of update for Grand Crusade, head on over to the official EU site! Lineage 2 has many fans through the world, and each update will bring you different gameplay experience. So what do you think of this round of update? In the meantime, gold.raiditem is professional in supplying Lineage 2 Adena with cheap price and instant delivery. Never hesitate to buy Lineage 2 Adena to enjoy the game more!