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Madden 18 Guide: How To Draft A Superstar In Franchise Mode -

  • 2018-10-09 15:27:41
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How to draft a superstar in Franchise Mode is an indispensable guide for you in Madden 18. If you are interested in how to defend and attack in game, you can check out


The Franchise Mode has achieved a triumphant return in Madden 18, which brings back the pattern that allows you to enter a fantasy draft for any friend in order to become your own Super Bowl champion in your own league. This guide is is all you need to be a success. In addition, you can buy MADDEN NFL 18 Coins you need by visiting

To start out Madden 18’s Franchise mode, you need to decide what sort of franchise you want to enter. You can either opt to use a real life NFL roster, and thus eliminate the fantasy-style draft, or you can choose to use custom rosters, and draft your dream team. Selecting to use real rosters cuts out the draft, so if you opted for this, you might want to skip the next section.

Madden 18 Best Franchise Draft Strategies

If you selected to draft your own custom team, then this is where the real fun of the Franchise mode begins, as you effectively draft your dream team - if you’re smart about your picks.

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How to Draft a Superstar in Connected Franchise Mode

There’s no telling where you’ll pick in the first round, but your first pick should be on either a QB or a running back, depending which one your offense revolves around. If you prefer to pass the ball, then go with the QB, but if you like to chip away at the defense using the run, then opt for the running back.

We’d strongly recommend that your second pick go towards a position on the offensive line, likely a center or guard, especially if you opted for a running back with your first round pick. A solid offensive line is the key to success in any Madden 18 mode, and it can boost your running game, should that be struggling somewhat.

This is the best strategy for drafting a superstar in franchise mode of Madden 18. Now all you have to do is make sure no one steals your favorite player in the draft. If you want to know more about the Madden 18 guide, don't hesitate to visit to get everything you want to know and store the MADDEN NFL 18 Coins you need.