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Madden NFL 18:New Features & Longshot Story Mode Revealed

  • 2017-07-12 12:20:55
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According to the official announcement of EA, the upcoming Madden NFL 18 will be introduced with a list of new features and and longshot story mode. Madden NFL 18 will come to PS4 and Xbox One on August 25 this year. It will be available in 2 editions: Standard Edition and G.O.A.T. Edition.


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Here is a list of new features coming to Madden NFL 18 game.

Frostbite Power - Running on EA’s Frostbite game engine for the first time, Madden 18 will be the most photorealistic to date, with stadiums being surrounded by spectacular cityscapes, brand-new firework displays, player run-out sequences, and new weather effects.

Play Now Live! - Play matches from the best of the real fixtures, including updated rosters, refreshed stats and customized commentary.

Target Passing - In Madden 18 you can throw the ball to who you want thanks to brand-new target passing. You’ll no longer need to throw only to your open wide receiver.

Play Styles - Three new play styles let you play Madden 18 how you want. Arcade allows for more spectacular plays and features limited penalties, Simulation features authentic NFL rules and gameplay, and Competitive places an emphasis on your stick skills - earn big rewards but also big penalties.

Coverage Assignment - A real-time user interface helps you understand your job in pass coverage.

Coach Adjustments - Make changes to the AI so it fits your game plan and make strategy changes on the fly.

Besides, 2 mode will return in Madden NFL 18.
- Madden Ultimate Team will include the best players from the past and - present.
- Franchise mode will allow you to manage your Franchise from the Madden Companion App on mobile.

Kat went hands-on with Madden 18 and came away with three main thoughts:
- Passing feels totally different
- running is hard
- those new passing mechanics take while to get used to.

In addition, EA also revealed the longshot story mode for Madden NFL 18. It is just resemble FIFA 17’s new Journey and draws from Telltale games like The Walking Dead. Players will have various choices to make to help or hinder the career of Wade. Mike Young also revealed that there will be multiple ending for the longshot mode. and icons like Dan Marino, Chad Johnson, and Bill Cowher will be making an appearance.

Besides, Young also said that the story mode will begin at the 2017 regional combine and finish up on Draft day. There won’t be a single NFL game or a single loading screen in the Longshot mode. “ Longshot is billed instead as a playable movie, entirely separate from Connected Franchises, but it will allow you to unlock cards like Chad Johnson for Madden 18 Ultimate Team.”

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