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Madden NFL 18 Coins on - How to Achieve Success in MUT Mode

  • 2017-08-29 15:25:09
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In previous post, we teach you how to get more Madden NFL 18 coins fast and easily. Today, we would like to introduce you some tips for access in MUT mode in Madden NFL 18. It is one of the most popular modes in the new series.


 However, many players still have no idea on how to achieve success in Madden Ultimate Team mode. In the meantime, sells full stock of Madden NFL 18 coins at best price with fast delivery.

First, know your team. In MUT Squads, your roster is made up of the players your team has in its collection. You’ll have an offensive and defensive captain and head coach. The captains use their collection to field the roster on their respective sides of the ball, and the playbooks. The head coach will bring the head coach, stadium and uniform.

Second, Run Your Route, Unless Otherwise Instructed. One of the biggest issues  during MUT Squad sessions is undisciplined route running. Players controlling wide receivers would break off their routes without prior communication, and it’s almost impossible to complete a pass when that’s happening. Unless it is discussed pre-play, or it’s a scramble, receivers need to stick to their routes to maintain the best chance for success.

Third, Let the Best QB Be the Offensive Captain. The player with the best offensive cards might not be the best offensive captain. If that player is inept as a QB, you may not want to have them be the OC. Default control of the QB goes to the OC on every down. Aaron Rodgers’ awareness rating is totally irrelevant when he’s human-controlled. Basically, your QB can perform below his abilities in the wrong hands.

Fourth, Communicate on Defense. On defense, it can be difficult to see what’s happening on another side of the field in MUT Squads. To keep every player up to date on what’s happening on the field, one member of the team should be in charge of calling out the whereabouts of the ball or their on-field position.

There are times when a defender can come from another location on the field to help corral a ball carrier, or to save a touchdown if they know where the pigskin is on the field.

Fifth, Stick To Your Assignment on Defense. Similar to disciplined route running on offense, it’s equally important to maintain gap integrity, zone discipline and man-to-man responsibilities. When defensive players go off on their own, it can lead to a touchdown.

Just like most sports game, you need a perfect cooperation between players in order to win. Some tips and strategy are essential to improve your skills. Besides, the main currency Madden NFL 18 coins is quite significant to during your gameplay progression. Here, is the most reputable place to buy Madden NFL 18 coins as well as get useful tips to play Madden NFL 18 game with more fun!