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NBA 2K18 Cover Star Revealed: Kyrie Irving Honored to Be Cover Athlete!

  • 2017-06-06 18:10:05
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Five days ago, A historic and symbolic occasion fell on NBA 2K18:2K sports announced the final cover star for the game. Before this announcement, Kyrie Irving has earned much support from the fans. Now he successfully becomes cover athlete of NBA 2K18 which will be released in September this year. No doubt that this move will push more people join the campaign. Thus, NBA 2K18 MT will make sense all the time.


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For Kyrie Irving, it is the first time to appear on the cover of NBA 2k series game, though he was on the cover of NBA Live 14 from EA Sports back in 2013. When asked what's his felling now, he expressed his gratitude and excited mood. He believes that it's surreal to be featured on the cover and it will be fun with all fans of this game.

Before that, Paul George was responsible for NBA 2K17's Cover. Now Irving takes over his job as the new cover athlete for upcoming NBA 2K18. In reality, it's not easy to acquire such a certification. Irving does much efforts for it. Irving and his teammates are seeking back-to-back NBA championships, but have a tough road ahead, playing against the red-hot Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. 

Irving has achieved a goal that he keeps averaging 24.5 points in every game in this year's playoffs, though slightly down compared to last year. But he is few of players who can keep a stable condition in matches. One of the NBA's elite point guards, it was only a matter of time before he was chosen for an NBA 2K cover. His performance in the Finals will be a big part of the Cavs being able to get it done and repeat.

We are still unclear how Irving's participation will influence the running of NBA 2K18? But at least all thing prove to be good. New features indeed take us much pleasure. In the near future, more fresh news and cheap NBA 2K 18 MT will be found on gold.raiditem. Follow us, and we never let you down!