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Buy 100% guarantee & cheap Nostalrius gold

  • 2017-08-18 09:53:24
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Nostalrius wants to take to Blizzard a survey from players. We've been through the survey and the questions are geared towards new and older players alike. They are also inquiring about players who have played on the legacy server, those who haven't and are gauging interest in general from the casual WoW fan. If you have a strong desire to boost higher level but there's no time and energy to play, then you can Buy Nostalrius gold at


It also seems that there is a question if the servers would be free or not as one of the questions specifically asks you if you would pay for playing on the server. Anyway, we hope you can enjoy game time with the Nostalrius gold from!  The survey also looks to see just how involved Blizzard would have to be in creating this new server and potentially what monetary benefit could come of it. Questions like: "If needed, I would buy Legion to play on a Blizzard legacy servers" and "I would play on a Blizzard legacy servers if it requires an active live subscription" clearly outline that Blizzard will probably end up agreeing to host a legacy server if the payoff is sweet enough.

We want this survey to be shared with the largest possible audience: former Nostalrius players, legacy players in general, but also anyone who played World of Warcraft at some point or signed the petition. If Blizzard wants to create legacy realms, it is something that is likely to affect a large part of the gaming community. We adjust gold prices in time according to the market so you can buy Cheap Nostalrius Gold at