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Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath Beta Is Now Live

  • 2017-06-12 18:11:15
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Path of Exile’s latest expansion, The Fall of Oriath is now available in Beta. It is a really happy news for POE players that they are able to log in and help test the Act Five through Seven content and other features of the expansion once they’ve downloaded the Beta client and obtained a Beta key. Want to have a look at the new patch? Just follow gold.raiditem to get more information!


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What is The Fall of Oriath?

The Fall of Oriath is the upcoming sixth expansion for Path of Exile, which is the game's largest expansion, introducing six new acts, a new story progression and the Pantheon system, an Xbox One port and several new unique items and skill gems. According to the official, the expansion includes Acts One to Seven, and they plan to add Act Eight in the near future. The remaining two acts will be released alongside the full release of The Fall of Oriath in mid-July.

How to play the beta?

1. The Fall of Oriath Beta includes new game balance, the Pantheon system, the new water and minimap systems and, most importantly, Acts Five through Seven. And Act Eight will be added within a couple of weeks, too. If you want to test this new content, firstly you should have a Beta key and a download of the beta client.

2.If you're a Steam user, a "Betas" tab will have appeared in the game properties in Steam. You'll be able to download the Beta client through this menu but you won't be able to access it until your account has been granted access (through a Beta key or other means). Please log into the website and check your PMs to access your Beta Key. You'll need to redeem your key here in order to access the beta.

How to gain a Beta key

1.Purchase one of The Fall of Oriath Supporter Packs, win a key through a race event or be randomly selected in one of the daily key giveaways.

2.If you've purchased a top-tier supporter pack in the past or have spent $500 or more in lifetime purchases, you'll automatically have access to the Beta.

3.If you receive a Beta key from a supporter pack, race event or daily giveaway, you'll receive an email and a PM on the website that contains your key. You can redeem this here to enable Beta access on your account.

4.If you received Beta access from your lifetime purchases this will be enabled on your account automatically without entering a Beta key.

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