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Path of Exile: The Fourth Week of the Beta for The Fall of Oriath

  • 2017-06-29 11:46:45
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Good news! The fourth week of the Beta for The Fall of Oriath is coming in the next week. What can we expect from the upcoming Beta Patch and do you know what the team will be looking at in the Beta? According to the official, they will wipe all Beta progress including characters, stashes, masters, Atlas progression and passive trees during this deploy. Want to get the detailed information? Just read on!


The main reason for wiping all Beta progress is so that they can see how progression changes have affected things. As the most reliable POE Power Leveling selling website, gold.raiditem is pleased to share the news with you. Here let’s take a look at the upcoming Beta Patch.

Wave 2 Content

Game content will go up to Act 8, where something is poisoning the water underneath Sarn. You will get to reflect on the nature of terror, and hopefully not be eclipsed by the final fight of the act. The difference between Sarn in Part 2 and Sarn in Part 1 is like comparing night and day.

The early-game tutorial systems have been revamped considerably. These will teach players about skill gems, support gems, and assigning passives. If you don't want to see tutorials, there's a button on each tutorial to hide the rest of them for that character. The support gems in the tutorial are not final and may change.

All four Labyrinths will be fully available, and various improvements to the Labyrinth experience have been made.

Wave 3 Content
After Wave 2 has been deployed, the next wave of changes will focus on improvement, refinement and optimisation of existing Beta content.

A number of performance improvements will be included.

The monsters in Act 6 and 7 will have a lot of additional work and improvement on them.

The fight in the old Forest Encampment will be expanded to include changes based on your character's decisions made in Act 2.

The official will post an update about the timing of this update soon. If you're interested in taking part in the Beta, please consider checking out the supporter packs for The Fall of Oriath. If you want to buy POE Items Cheap, gold.raiditem is definitely your best choice. We are professional, honest and friendly; our products like Path of Exile Items, POE Currency or Exalted Orb have competitive price, secure and instant delivery. In addition, there is extra 5% free bonus waiting for you. Why not have a try?