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How to Pass the POE Maze Tactfully

  • 2017-04-24 18:16:17
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In the Path of Exile, The emperor tries to approach the maze to enter into a new area, And the exiles have to pass through the labyrinth in one breath. If you leave the labyrinth in any way (including death or use of the reel-transfer), you will not be able to return to the previous maze and you must re-open a new maze. Here we collected some tips from many players, and hope help you a lot.


By the way, tips are not only ways to make you pass the maze successfully. Meanwhile, you need buy some POE items.

Notice the layout:
The layout of the maze will change every day. The exiles can challenge the maze every day with an unlimited number of challenges. The secret area of the maze and the reward in it will remain the same on the same day.

Wifi assurance:
Before entering the maze, please make sure your computer can work well, and your area will be covered by wifi completely. After all, you have only one chance to start your game one time. If your operation turns out to be invalid, you have to come back. Undoubtedly, enough POE Currency is necessary. has prepared cheap currency for all of you.

Observe the geographical sites:

Take the door of the first stone as an example, if you see a green circle, you will know your position clearly. You can see two lines extend out from the green circle.The circle is linked to one of lines, which guides you where to find a key. But the key room did not continue to extend the other line. From that you know one line just show one clue. Even Exalted Orb can't help you under this condition. If you want to be led to other rooms, you must come back to the green circles for searching details you need.

Secret of chest:
In the corresponding key room, a color of the chest can be discovered. This chest is also called the Forgotten Sacred Thing (identified as a circle on the map. There is a proprietor in the room that is conducive to the victory over Ezelawa.) the room is often on the fork in the road, you need to return to the original room to keep forward. The props are helpful in the next Yizelo fighting, and you can choose what shapes of props in advance. Surely, some game items help you enjoy your game better.