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New Servers Hit Revelation Online World!-

  • 2018-08-14 11:23:38
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Developers of Revelation Online previously announced that they are working on new servers. Today, new servers Oceanflow and Spiritwood are finally available for all players.


Based on the information know, the Oceanflow is for EU players, while the Spiritwood is for NA players. The developers didn't reveal much details for us, but one thing is for sure. You have to farm Revelation Online Imperial Coins for new servers. We assume that new features will appear in new servers. So, you'd better get prepared for it.

To celebrate the new servers, there is a special gift for everyone, a Little Hyphaean, who will sit atop your head while you go about your new adventure. Please note that the item will be sent to your web inventory, where you can then send it to the avatar of your choice and collect it in the mailbox.

The Imperial War feature (level 69 and above) will not be accessible at this time on either of the new servers. Developers will monitor the populations on the new servers as they become established and will revisit possible implementation of the cross-server features at the appropriate time. If you want to take part in inter-server warfare, you are advised to join via one of the established servers. 

Since the new servers is eventually live now, suggest you to join one and start a new journey. If you meet any challenge in game especially when you need numerous Revelation Online Coins, you are highly welcomed to seek help from us. It's our honor to help you complete your glorious quest. Contact us if you are in need. Now, please enjoy the new servers.