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Darkfall Dungeon Expert Mode Arrives With New Sulan Expansion

  • 2018-09-20 11:48:19
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Drakfall is a very popular dungeon in Revelation Online. All players are very familiar with it. However, a big challenge is coming for you. The Beast King has been hard at work beefing up his domain and is ready to debut the all-new Darkfall Expert mode!


Based on the information know, expert mode is only available for players who own brave souls of level 55 and above. If you are under this level and not powerful enough to conquer this dungeon expert mode, then it's time to use Revelation Online Imperial Coins to get quick upgrade. There are also many surprises inside expert mode, but today, let's focus on the monsters you will encounter. 

Lemurs: They may not look like much, but they become quite confident and formidable in groups. They are also known to throw fruit at male characters.

Lynx: It's an enemy with powerful AOE skills that you need to be extremely careful. Therefore, remember to keep an eye in the shadows.

Sonic Bats: Stonewrought Horrors are often found alongside them. Watch out for these when fighting the boss. Killing any bat will reduce your Defense but slightly increase your Attack. After killing a certain number of bats, the boss will gain a Mercurial state. After all the bats have been killed, the boss will gain a Leech buff.

Dragonclaw Gorus: It has been sharpening his weapons and his fangs in preparation for this fight, so that if he kills a player with his Triple Combo, he will recover HP. Once Dragonclaw Gorus's HP falls below a certain level, his minions will grow massively in strength. At the same time, the boss will enter a berserk state.

Darkfall Beast King: In addition to having well-rounded attributes, the bats he summons will be formidable. The boss will no longer go berserk, so players wishing to take him on need not worry about him entering this state.

Are you brave enough to challenge these dangerous monsters? Be patient and wait till New Sulan is launched. hope you can show yourself in new expansion. If you need to buy Revelation Online Imperial Coins, please feel free to contact us. We offer you the cheapest price and instant delivery. Visit our site for further information.