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Storm Legion Arrives RIFT Prime Soon This Fall-

  • 2018-08-21 11:30:25
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Are you busying fighting against the undying bird and completing your quest? That battle is just the beginning. A new quest is approaching for new expansion Storm Legion will arrive RIFT Prime this fall.


There aren't many details about this brand new expansion for now. But will share all information we know with you to help you understand what will happen in RIFT. In addition, you are truly welcomed to buy RIFT platinum on our website at the cheapest price without registration. Please contact us for more information. 

In Storm Legion, you need to stand against the maelstrom of Crucia's evil forces because they attempt to utilize the power of Infinity Gate to conquer the Steppes of Infinity. Alongside this new update, the level cap of RIFT Prime has been raised to 60 while boosting the crafting skill cap to the Grandmaster level. The update also adds two more continents for Prime subscribers to explore: Brevane and Dusken. The island stronghold Tempest Bay has been added as a new city hub, while a host of new dungeons and raids have also been added for players looking to hit the increased level cap. To prepare for these changes and keep yourself atop the ladder, you'd better get RIFT platinum in advance now.    

High-level RIFT Prime players will also be tasked with taking on Volan, the mighty Empyrean colossus! Set loose from his prison and festooned in adamantine armor, Volan makes his debut on the RIFT Prime server to take on all challengers. Test your mettle against Volan's metal in a battle for the ages!

More details will be revealed in the next few weeks. will constantly update the latest information for you to help you get prepared. Please stay tuned on our website. And we can offer you cheap RIFT platinum at any time when you are in need. Feel free to contact us if you want to enquire.