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RIFT: Defeat Mechanical Walkers for Big Prize-

  • 2018-09-29 14:16:31
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New event begins in RIFT! This time lots of Mechanical Walkers are suddenly growing in number across Telara. Could it be the influence of Crucia? As the best and most powerful warrior, it's time to show yourself and protect Telara!


Based on the information know, these Mechanical Walkers are difficult to defeat. Therefore, you'd better prepare huge RIFT platinum with you before start this quest. And you will definitely win the battle easily if you know these details.

There is something immensely satisfying in tromping around with your own personal mech-style mount, and we've got a whole parade for you this week! Rumble through the lands in your clanking metal machine, why not start a parade? 

- PRIME Store: The Red & Iron Empyreal Walker has blasted its way through to the Vigil server at last! First of its kind, ready for you!

- LIVE Store: NEW Faewood Infinity Walker/ NEW Red & Silver Empyreal Walker

- Collect enough for special Walkers, this event runs from September 28 to October 1st, 2018. As with other World Events, there will be a quest starter in each home city. You'll be asked to run an Expert Dungeon with LFG, participate in Warfronts, complete the Mech Zone Event, and collect drops from special Mech Invasions and Footholds!


- NEW Empyreal Walker

- Black Empyreal Walker

- Golden Empyreal Walker

- Infinity Walker

- Mech Companion Pets

- New Minion cards

- New Dimension items!

Do you want these fantastic new items? Join this event now. have your back. If you meet any challenge, please feel free to contact us to buy RIFT platinum at the cheapest price without registration. As the most experienced seller, we will offer you the best. We are very looking forward to hearing from you.