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How to Choose A Faction When You Play Rift for The First Time

  • 2017-04-25 17:46:28

You must want to know how to level up character as a veteran. However, the first and foremost thing to a veteran must be how to play Rift. Every new beginner should choose a shard when he plays Rift for the first time. After you choosing a shard, the next thing you should do is to choose a faction. Here are some tips of how to choose a faction. BTW, 100% cheap and safe RIFT PLATINUM also available at


A faction is a group of people or mobs in game who fight for the same cause. The faction is as important as RIFT PLATINUM. There are two factions in Rift: one is Guardian. The Guardians are more traditional fantasy races - high elves, dwarves, and human (Mathosian) races who worship a pantheon of gods called the Vigil, and have faith in the gods. 

Another faction is Defiant. The Defiants are more exotic races, such as tattoed air beings (Bahmi), nomads (Eth), and dark elves (Kelari), who trust more in their own inventions and magi-tech than any gods.

Each faction has its own cities, and cannot group with members of opposite faction. However, players can talk to the other faction using either the “say” or “yell” command because the two factions can cross into each others’ areas and attack each other or meet in PvP scenarios.

Currently, there is no way to change a characters playable faction in or out of the game. But completing quests or fighting against enemies with non-playable factions will have a bad effect on your account. Anyway , hope you can get useful information from this post. And don’t be hesitated to buy RIFT PLATINUM with more discounts at if you want to play the game better. Come and buy now!