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OSRS Fishing Guild Expansion and Minnow Fishing

  • 2017-07-07 15:15:04
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Dear OSRS players, Fishing Guild Expansion has arrived now. It is a new method of fishing that you can find it on a newly constructed platform in the Fishing Guild, which is accessible via the northern-most platform. Meanwhile, you can buy OSRS gold at the most reliable website like us, Gold.raiditem will be your best choice!


Now gold.raiditem, one of the most professional Runescape 2007 Gold selling store, will tell you how to catch the fish and what rewards you can get.

Fishing Guild expansion

The new method of fishing is available now, you can boost your fishing level increased to +7. The boost is present throughout the entire guild, and it will stack with the Dragon harpoon.  

Fishing for minnows is a new click intensive method of obtaining sharks through the fishing skill. For example, If you head along to the northern-most platform of the Fishing Guild you'll encounter Kylie Minnow. She's having a spot of bother catching the minnows found within the enclosure on the lake. If you offer to help she'll transport you to the new fishing platform where you'll be able to fish for minnows.  Kylie Minnow will trade raw sharks for minnow at a ratio of 1:40.

Minnow fishing

If your level cannot reach 82, you won’t boost the fish. And it is not easy to boost full Angler's Outfit. Minnow are caught with a small fishing net at a very fast rate and will stack within your inventory, however the location of the fishing spots move at a fast pace, and there is also the threat of flying fish to contend with. Flying fish will appear randomly within the fishing spots and will consume your minnow at a rate of 16-26 minnow with each jump.

With such hefty requirements, and a need for constant attention, you can get the huge rewards from fishing minnows:

The average experience rate at level 82 Fishing would be roughly 40,000 XP per hour, with the average GP per hour being roughly 400k
At level 99 Fishing, the average experience rate would be roughly 50,000 XP per hour, with the average GP per hour being roughly 650k

Do you want to challenge this new fishing guild expansion by using the new fishing method? Just take action! Of course, you should prepare enough oldschool gold for this new expansion. Gold.raiditem is always here to provide safe and fast rs 2007 gold at the most reasonable price. Also, you can get 10% free bonus from our site! Just enjoy your game!