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OSRS: Castle Wars Available to the F2P community

  • 2017-07-21 16:02:11
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This week Castle Wars is coming to the F2P community. It is another new set of mining gloves for members. According to the official, they want to continue to support the mini-game community, so they chose to poll making Castle Wars available to the F2P community. Get to know the more information about F2P community Castle Wars? Keep your eyes on here.


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How can you find Castle Wars?

Castle Wars is nestled in the south-western corner of Kandarin, a long way from White Wolf Mountain. Naturally the lands in-between Castle Wars and the Taverley gate are inaccessible to non-members, and inaccessible they remain. To ensure ease of access to Castle Wars we've added a portal to Clan Wars. The portal will teleport you to the Castle Wars lobby.

Upon reaching Castle Wars it might alarm you upon seeing the castle doors shut tight. This is to ensure that the more exploration-driven among you stay to fight in Castle Wars rather than go wandering off. Clicking the doors will offer a teleport back to Clan Wars.

What rewards can you get?

Completion of Castle Wars in F2P will continue to offer the same number of tickets as with the members variant. The rewards offered in Lanthus' shop do differ, however. You will be able to purchase the decorative melee armours, hoods, and capes. Halos, decorative ranged sets, and decorative magic sets are not offered because of the accompanying stat increases.

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