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Old School Runescape Released Chambers of Xeric: Challenge Mode

  • 2018-04-18 15:19:02
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Dear friends, a new challenge awaits! As the official showed: “with the upcoming release of the Theatre of Blood, a linear raid challenge where all rooms are generated in the same order each time you enter and something that will be sure to emphasis the need for teamwork and push teams to earn the fastest raid completion time, we want to create a similar experience for the Chambers of Xeric”. So are you ready for the new challenge?

article is happy to share the detailed information with you. In this article we will introduce what’s new in the Challenge Mode and what rewards will you get. Please keep your eyes on our news. Of course, we are always offering cheap OSRS gold with fast delivery for you. You can purchase the gold at the most reasonable price here.

What’s New in the Challenge Mode?

By the end of March, the official announced that they would dedicate a poll to the Chambers of Xeric in regards to further balancing and tweaks. This is still planned for the near future, where focused discussions with community will begin. No works that would go into Chamber of Xeric: Challenge Mode will impact this.

The rooms within the Chambers of Xeric are randomly generated each time a raid is started. It's no secret that there are some much preferred room layouts that will take priority over others, meaning due to factors out of your own control, it can be difficult to compete for the fastest completion times. The developer wants to offer a new experience to the Chambers by including a brand-new variant, "Challenge Mode". 

Via the party interface for the Chambers of Xeric, raid leaders will be able to select "Challenge Mode" when forming a raid party. Once this has been selected, any raids started by the leader will have a set room order, which will always be the same for all "Challenge Mode" raids. Once inside the raid, you'll find all of its inhabitants have become stronger than their standard counterpart, so be sure to come prepared for a challenge. 

The Chambers of Xeric: Challenge Mode will push the limits of your PvM skills and strategy. To encourage those of you looking to battle for the fastest completion times, the developer would like to add in-game leaderboards, recording your results for all of Gielinor to see during that week. There will be a global leaderboard showing the fastest completion time across all worlds, and another on each individual world that will show both your completion time and your display name. These leaderboards will reset with each game update, and will show at least the top 5 completion times and display names. 

What Rewards Will You Get? 

It wouldn't be a new PvM challenge if there wasn't a fitting reward. Alongside the leaderboard mentioned above, and the standard loot you'd normally receive for completing the Chambers of Xeric, finishing a "Challenge Mode" run within a set amount of time will also grant you a chance of obtaining an unlock for the Olmlet pet. This unlock will allow you to transmog the Olmlet into any of the bosses found within the Chambers, other than Lizardman shamans and the Skeletal mystics. This unlock can be earnt regardless of whether you have the Olmlet pet or not, though you'll need the actual pet before you can utilise the unlocks of course!

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