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Jagex Adds New Luck Item into Runescape

  • 2017-04-10 15:40:52
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As you know, runescape is a fantastic MMORPG, which has attracted millions of players to take part in. According to the official, Jagex has overhauled one of RuneScape's most venerable systems - luck. Now Luck-enhancing items are divided into four tiers. Besides, some new luck items are added into the game.


To get more information about runescape, please focus on our professional Runescape 3 Gold website! Now let's us look at these new luck items. luck-enhancing items are classified into 4 tiers. Tiers 1-3 affect content specific to certain levels while Tier 4 affects the content of all levels. 

What content does luck items affect?

Tier 1 luck items affect drops from Level 1-50 Slayer monsters, easy clues, FBD and Giant Mole. 
Tier 2 luck items affect drops from Level 51-80 Slayer monsters, basic skilling (including mining Gems, opening Shade chests, and Flash Powder Factory rubble searching), and bosses (like Chaos Elemental, Kalphite Queen, Exiled Kalphite Queen, God Wars Dungeon 1, Barrows, and Dagannoth Kings). 
Tier 3 items affect drops from Level 81-99 Slayer monsters, high-level skilling (for example rare drops from Elf City pickpocketing and kingly implings, and improved chance of Black Ibis outfit & Sceptre of the Gods), hard clues, and bosses (including Queen Black Dragon, Nex, God Wars Dungeon 2, Kalphite King, Corporeal Beast).
Tier 4 items affect drops from all Slayer monsters, all skilling, Elite clues and lower, and bosses (including Angel of Death, Telos, Raids, Rise of the Six, Vorago, Araxxor/Araxxi, and all lower-tier bosses). 

What is New luck items?

Tier 1: Ring of Luck Runescape, which is only craftable by members while free players can buy it in game. 
Tier 2: Ring of Wealth, which is the existing ring of wealth, with new stats and luck effects. 
Tier 3: RS Ring of Fortune, which is craftable for those with 72 Crafting and 87 Magic. It requires you to cut onyx and make an onyx ring. This new luck item will take the place of the Ring of Stone in the Crafting skill. The existing ring of stone can only drop from TzHaar and TokHaar now, instead of being crafted. 
Tier 4: Runescape Luck of the Dwarves, which requires a new material runescape alchemical onyx created via the Unvention skill. 

Moreover, the existing luck items, like runescape luck potion, collector's insignia, leprechaun hat, lucky rabbit foot, and vecna skull, works as different tiers of items. Luck items should be the best way to obtain more combat and skill fortunes in Runescape. 

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