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Lizardman Shaman Improvements Coming to Runescape

  • 2017-07-14 16:33:39
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According to the official latest update, they bring some new contents such as the Preserve prayer, Brutal Black Dragons and Elite clue scrolls, as well as a brand new Lizardman Shaman cave! If you want to get to know the detailed information, just keep your eyes on here. Gold.raiditem would like to share the good news for you.


As a professional and trustworthy RS Power Leveling seller, gold.raiditem pay more attention to the runescape game. We have a professional runescape team mainly to farm rs 3 gold, Items and Power Leveling, so Gold.raiditem is quite simply the most secure place to deliver your products fast. Now let’s look at these new Lizardman Shaman cave.

Task-Only Lizardman Shaman

A cave containing 8 Lizardman Shamans can now be found on the northern end of the Lizardman Settlement. The Lizardman Shaman found within can only be killed when on a Lizardman Slayer assignment and with 100% Shayzien favour. As was mentioned in the developer blog for poll 54, the 2 Shaman spawns found within the Lizardman Settlement have now been removed. Also, the safespots in the Lizardman Shaman area of the Lizardman Canyon have been removed.

Brutal Black Dragon Changes

Brutal Black Dragons and their combination of great profit, ease of access and simple combat mechanics has been a common talking point in recent times. Many of you believed these dragons much too easy to farm for a piece of content with no requirements. Well, we agreed! As such, we've now added a level 77 Slayer requirement in order to kill Brutal Black Dragons. In addition to this, we have now removed the Dragon full helm from their drop table.

Master Scroll Book

The Master Scroll Book is now available as a rare reward from all tiers of clue scroll. It is tradeable, so it can also be purchased from other players. You can store up to 1,000 of each type of teleport scroll within the book. This includes all scrolls received as rewards from treasure trails, as well as Zul-andra and Key master teleport scrolls.

When charged with any number of scrolls, the book is untradeable. It will become tradeable once again when it is emptied, which can be done easily with the 'Remove' option. With scrolls stored in the book you can select a default teleport. This sets the left-click option of the book to use that teleport immediately.

Elite Clue Scroll Steps

Between hard clue scrolls and elite clue scrolls there is a substanital jump in the number of steps required to complete a Treasure Trail. To bring the elite tier of clue scrolls into line with the others, the maximum steps of an elite clue scroll has been reduced from 9 - 12 to 5 - 7. Elites are now sat between the length of hard clues and master clues - where they belong.

More Golem Colours

It is now possible to recolour your rock golem pet using daeyalt, elemental and lovakite ore.

Preserve Improvements

1. The Preserve prayer has now been improved to make the prayer a bit more useful:
2. Boosted stats now last 50% longer when Preserve is active, rather than the original 20%.

The prayer point drain rate when using Preserve has been decreased from 5 points per minute to 3 points per minute.

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