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Runescape Brings Crystal Skillchompas & Skillchompa Updates

  • 2017-08-08 12:01:56
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This week crystal skillchompas and skillchompa updates are added into runescape. Do you want to know the detailed information? Focus on to get more runescape news. Also, you can buy rs 3 gold from us enjoying big bonus now!


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Crystal Skillchompas

You can find the new tier of skillchompas at the far side of the Isafdar Forest, on the coast just north of Tyras Camp (which is looking a touch lighter on trees than normal. Thanks Timbo). Also, players can catch them from level 97 Hunter and use them from 61 Divination, Fishing, Mining or Woodcutting to enjoy better-than-ever benefits in the relevant skill.

Skillchompa Updates

They’ve also made a bunch of improvements to the way that skillchompas work overall, making them all the more useful for your skill training:

1. There is now a chance to catch multiple skillchompas at any Agility level, granting you XP for each skillchompa caught.
2. Upon attaining certain Agility thresholds, the chance to catch multiple skillchompas reaches 100%.
3. Skillchompas now work from your inventory, as well as while wielded.
4. Box traps can now be placed during combat.
5. You will now receive Invention tool XP on failing a skilling action when using skillchompas.

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