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Runescape Gets Expansions:The Golden City

  • 2017-04-26 21:20:53
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Since its release in 2001, the Runescpe has continue to grab players’ eyes. Up to now, more than 100 million players are playing the game over the world. Some players even believe it is the greatest Free-to-play MMORPG. Now the Runescape is to undergo its miracle. The Expansion: Menaphos—The Golden City will be launched on 5th June.


The Golden City as a part of new series of Runescape Expansions, will accordingly deliver new content into the game. It is said that the expansions will be filled new story every three months. Thus it may create us different areas and regions belong to game world Gielinor. Here has prepared competitive Runescape 3 Gold for all players who have a great ambition of controlling battlefield under new conditions.

The new content of expansion put anphasis on city discovery. In the game, Menaphos, a city of legend, has been hiding in plain over 12 years. No one has chance to see the gate of the city and landscape beyond it. There is a saying that once the gate to Menaphos open, players will find out a vast sandbox. The sandbox contains a lot of treasure such as buildings trimmed with gold, and a huge pyramid – a mastaba throughout whole city and full of jewelry. And for all wealth here, players can not get them just by putting more RS 3 Gold into the game.

Menaphos also has other wealth not well-known to people. and stories waiting to be unearthed by the followers of the game. However, players will arrive in the city as strangers and they usually have no idea about the city. The first step is to build their own reputation locally. Then, they need to win the trust from native folks. With exploration of city, the dark secret of corruption emerges. 

“RuneScape has always been praised as it has great stories and interesting quests. launching  Menaphos: The Golden City allows us to do what it always excels in. Maybe the game form is changed, the popularity will never decrease. The designer of the game are working hard to ensure new adventures take more fun to players.

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