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Learn Star Trek New Game Patch Details on

  • 2018-07-26 11:58:21
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Star Trek new game patch is going to be launched soon. There will be lots of game integrity changes this time. Knowing these new changes in advance will help you understand the mechanism of new changes and play this game easily.


Therefore, make a game patch details list for you. Based on the information we know for  know. You don't need to spend any Star Trek online Credits this time. New changes may even help you earn more credits. But it’s still to slow to farm credits in game without fun. The most convenient way is to buy Star Trek online Credits. This can save both your time and energy. For your information, we make it fast, cheap and safe to buy Star Trek credits online without registration. Learn more on our website.


1.Resolved an issue where some tutorials could be shared to other players and could potential block those players from progressing.

2.Resolved an issue where captains level 61 and above could not respond to Fleet Events.

3. Removed the old Season 9 loading screen.

4. Excelsior Starships:

- Added glows to "crystals" on top of the saucer for Excelsior and Enterprise B.

- Resolved an issue with the registry name on the hull for Tier 5 standard Excelsior.

- Resolved an issue which caused a seam on the saucer on the standard Excelsior.

5.Added Elachi Weekend Event to August 2.

6.Added XP Weekend Event to August 16.


1.The critical severity of Enemy ships on Normal difficulty has been reduced from 100% to 50%.

- This does not affect the values for Advanced and Elite difficulties.

- This is subject to further change as we continue to monitor late game difficulty. 

2.The Reclaim store now only show Singularity Cores to Romulan Captains.

3.Resolved an issue that caused the Linked Disruptor Wide Arc Dual Heavy Cannons to use incorrect visuals.

4.The nacelles of the Aquarius Escort Destroyer now properly animate when warping.

5.Pilot Escorts now properly animate when entering and exiting combat. believe that you will have a better game experience withthese new changes. So, just enjoy this game. Feel free to contact us at any time if you meet any challenge in game, especially when you need Star Trek online Credits. We can offer you the cheapest price and instant delivery. You can reach us at any time. It's our honor to help you.