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SWTOR: New Patch Jedi Under Siege Arrives This Fall-

  • 2018-09-10 11:33:43
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According to the official website of SWTOR, the end of year update- Game Update 5.10 will approach us this Fall. This new game patch will bring us new storyline, new activities and many improvements to SWTOR.


Today, will have a preview about the key highlights with you all. In order to prepare yourself for these new changes  and complete them once they are released, it's absolutely a good choice to buy SWTOR credits on our website without registration. You can visit our website to learn more. Now, let's have a little taste of Jedi Under Siege. 

1 New Storyline based on the old rivalry between Sith and Jedi

2 Multiplayer gameplay content including a new Daily Area and Master Mode Gods from the Machine Operation

3 Crafted Tier 5 Gear- make your own top tier gear after obtaining rare schematics and new crafting materials 

Except these changes mentioned above, the following changes may bring you big surprise.

System Improvements

1 Progression System: A new progression system that allows active guilds to customize and improve their experience the more they play

2 Heraldry: Personalize your Guild

3 PVP Challenge System: Create custom warzone, arena, and Galactic Starfighter skirmish matches and track your record against other guilds

4 Conquest improvements: supporting the new guild features

Management/Communication Improvements

1 Inspect Tool: Potential members can review guild profile and information

2 Logging: logs and displays a wide variety of guild member activity

3 Member Mail: Easy way to send a message to the whole guild

4 Member Ban by Legacy: Allows removal of members based on their Legacy

5 Increased Rank Cap: The number of guild ranks will be increased

Companions Return

1 Doc: Jedi Knights will be able to reunite with the galaxy's most lovable, charming, roguish, brilliant, skilled, and--above all—a handsome doctor. 

2 Nadia: Jedi Consulars will be rejoined by their former Padawan, who has grown into a skilled Jedi Knight in her own right.

3 Jaesa: Sith Warriors will be able to reunite with Jaesa provided they turned her to the dark side in her original storyline. believe that with these new contents, SWTOR will be more playable and amazing than ever. You will definitely enjoy a better game experience. Besides, as mentioned above, you can get cheap SWTOR credits on our website. For your information, we always have huge SWTOR credits for sale. Just contact us when you are in need. We'd be very glad to offer you help.