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Lana Beniko Leads SWTOR to Storytelling Fashion

  • 2017-04-27 18:30:12
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Apart from the propaganda before the game, the story structure of it is still emphasized by players. When it comes to Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), nearly all players give their thumbs-up. Though the game went through peaks and valleys in its storytelling in the past, it embraces its golden age with the help of Lana Beniko. She was a notable character equal to game's storytelling.

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Lana Beniko, a Sith Lord who helps you unravel a frightening plot by her own emperor, is a ruthless pragmatist but not a mustache twirling villain. She provides a portrait of the curious idealism that can lead to support for authoritarianism—a lesson we perhaps need now more than ever.

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Lana Beniko teams up with Theron Shan, a Republic secret service agent, as both go rogue from their respective governments to root out the traitors who are aligning with Revan and sabotaging their nations. But Beniko is not like any other Sith you've met so far: soft spoken, even serene and thoughtful in her demeanor. She is neither boastful nor imperious.

For Beniko, this is a nightmare on every conceivable level. With more SWTOR Credits put into the game, you will see more dramatic stories taking place. What's more, you slowly learn that she has no taste for dark side ideologues, nor for their myriad ego-driven abuses and vainglorious posturing. What she really fights for is a more ethical empire.

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