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May the 4th Cause a Hit in SWTOR Cartel Market

  • 2017-05-03 17:50:27
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SWTOR will happily welcome its May the 4th holiday which cheers its fans up. In the special day, some of the in-game Star Wars gear is for sale in the market and traded in a relatively low price. To know the activity clearly, you can visit official page of SWTOR.


Players can get some bonus from the special holiday in a short period. Well, will continue to provide our loyal customers cheap SWTOR Credits. The following are all about the activity.

5-pack major experience boost:direct sale item 
The limited time only ranges from Tuesday, May 2 to Monday, May 15–360 CCs now 100 cartel coins.Take your Star Wars adventure into hyperdrive with Major XP Boosts. Each boost increases experience gained from all sources by 25% for 3 hours!

Playable Cathar Species: Direct Sale Item
One week only: Tuesday, May 2 - Tuesday, May 9–600 CCs NOW 450 cartel coins. Use this unlock to play as a Cathar, a species renowned across the galaxy for its ferocity in combat and unwavering loyalty.

Eradicator Armor Set: Direct Sale Item
One week only: Tuesday, May 2-Tuesday, May 9–1440 CCs now 450 cartel coins. Channel your inner dark side and suit up with the battle armor of the Sith Empire’s most deadly warriors.
Collections Unlock Sale: Holiday Discount
One week only: Tuesday, May 2 - Tuesday, May 9–50% OFF all Unlocks! Share your favourite gear across all your SWTOR Characters! This week only, enjoy 50% off when you unlock new gear in your Collections tab.

Star Wars Credits for sale:Gold.raiditem
For most fans of SWTOR, such a special discount period indeed takes their surprise. If you miss the holiday due to personal business, don’t feel worried. As all you has expected, gold.raiditem will offer Star Wars Credits whenever you have a need. Here you can enjoy fast delivery and professional trade service.