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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide - Wolfhunter Moon Hunter Keep | Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-09-05 15:21:35
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We have already introduced that the Wolfunter DLC New Pack has brought two new dungeons. If you are a veteran player then you will be interested in how to unlock these two dungeons. If you would like to view the March of Sacrifices guide, please browse our previous article. Today's guide is about how to get into Moon Hunter Keep. Please be patient now!


Compared to the March of Sacrifices, the Moon Hunter Keep is relatively simple. In addition to the hidden favors, Moon Hunter Keep has more to do. With the new mechanics, some powerful enemies and terrible moves, it is the type of place that needs guidance. Fortunately, this guide will make Moon Hunter Keep easier. Then Gold.raiditem shares with you how to do the basic idea of Moon Hunter Keep. Similarly, you will need to purchase some good eso items to help you fight against enemies before entering game.

Basic Tips

For this dungeon you just need the standard healer, tank and two DPS formation and stay away from stranglers. If you activate one, make sure you kill them quickly and/or save allies, as they will heal enemies and make things take forever.

Jailer Melitus

This is a relatively straightforward boss. Stay a mid range, wait for him to use his geyser attack and avoid them at all cost and kill the adds as quickly as possible.

Hedge Maze Guardian

Similar to Jailer, damage the boss until adds spawn and kill them as quickly as possible. While the adds here are not really threatening, they will heal the boss and make it impossible to kill. Outside of that, make sure to look out for roots. They’re not going to one hit you but getting caught does continuous damage, which makes it harder for the healer/easier to die, so be ready to dodge roll out of them. If you don't have enough eso gold to buy good equipment, don't hesitate to buy at Gold.raiditem.

Mylenne Moon-Caller

Unlike the previous bosses, Mylenne requires a good amount of attention to beat without problems. The whole fight is waiting for them to jump and looking out for an AoE. Where they land is random and it will stun anyone caught in the blast and quickly result in death, making it something to look out for.

Archivist Ernarde

This fight comes down to three basic things. Minimize light attacks against the boss, don’t bring adds to the boss (it will enrage them), kill the adds before attacking the boss. Since this one is a little longer, Ernarde has an additional mechanic. At some point you should see various circles of light with a symbol. Players will need to find the correct symbol and enter it to avoid taking damage. This should take priority over anything else and is an easy way to cause issues. For more information about The Elder Scrolls Online, you can check at gold.raiditem, here is the best place for you to buy TESO Gold and eso items.

Vykosa the Ascendant

This fight is all about managing risk and knowing what to do. The main idea is to cycle between killing pets/adds and then attacking the boss. It will be an on going struggle and one that will require your full attention. It really isn’t that bad of a fight, though you should dodge roll any attack or you can expect to die, as long as you can maintain your rotation between each of the targets.

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