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Buy TOS Silver - Tree of Savior Tips and Guides for 2017

  • 2017-08-01 14:07:17
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Tree of Savior is an mmorpg in which you embark on a journey to search for the goddesses in world of chaos. Fairy-tale like colors accompanied with beautiful graphics in TOS will have you reminiscing about precious moments all throughout the game. As for where to buy ToS silver, is always the best option. Here read the basic guides for you!

- Click on every NPC, there are some who give quests but don’t have an obvious indicator above their heads.

- Some quests are repeatable for a set number of times and can be turned in back to back. Completing the full allowance (5/5, etc.) will provide a unique reward.

- Lag is a major issue right now. The communication between client and server is terrible. You can try switching channels as this helps some of the time, but otherwise make sure you click once on NPCs or items and then wait for the action to register. Repeated clicking can make the issue worse.

- Quests reward XP cards that will show up in your inventory as a consumable. Make sure you are right-clicking on them for extra XP!
If you remap the keybinds be aware that the system allows for duplicates so you’ll need to manually go through and make sure each key is only bound to one action.

- Mob density can be a little unpredictable. There may be a method to the madness but the same areas oscillating between empty and completely overrun.

- Click the “rotating peppermint candy” to the left of your completed quest for an immediate teleport back to the quest giver (take that, Black Desert!)

- Alt-A will hide your UI for screenshots. Make sure you unbind F12 from the video recorder if you will also be using Steam’s default screenshot key (which is also F12).

- After reaching level 15 and selecting a second class, your class trainer will give you a quest to enhance your weapon without telling you how. What you’ll need is an anvil. If you haven’t received one as a quest reward yet, you can purchase them from Alf, the Item Merchant. Right click the anvil in your bag then select the weapon you would like to upgrade. Once you see the anvil in front of your character attack it three times and voila! Your weapon is enhanced to +1.

- HP and SP regen is painfully slow so you’ll need to keep potions on hand to refill them as you grind mobs, especially the SP for your special abilities. These too can be purchased from Alf.

- Pay attention to the green arrows on the ground when you leave one zone and enter another. Occasionally you will exit stage left, enter the new zone, and naturally continue moving left only to discover the map has been flipped and you’ve now left the new zone and are back in the first one. Go toward the green arrows to leave an area and move away from them when you enter a new one.

- Difficulty really ramps up sometime in the 20s. Joining a farming group and focusing on powerful AOE abilities with your build is advised.

Hope these guides will help you enjoy the game more. Surely, Tree of Savior silver is the premium currency in the game, and how to farm more tos silver has become an important task for every player. Here we highly recommend you buy tos silver cheap and fast from gold.raiditem to save your money and time. We guarantee to provide you with the the most competitive price and fast delivery!