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What Are the Main Changes During Maintenance for April 24-25, 2017

  • 2017-04-26 11:49:33
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No time to farm Tree of Savior Silver, so most players choose to buy Tree of Savior Silver to save time. Are you still looking for a reliable TOS Silver website? Gold.raiditem will be the best choice. According to the official Tree of Savior website, there are some main changes in Tree of Savior. Here we will share with you the details of their weekly maintenance for April 24-25, 2017.


As one of the most professional Tree of Savior Silver sellers, we make sure that it is the reasonable one and safety delivery. Here you can check out as following listing:

1. UI
- A message will now be displayed whenever your character enters a map above their own level.
- Improved public party UI.
- Quest location and instructions will be displayed more clearly for advancement quests.
- Market Retrieve tab improved.
- Two-to-four player auto match function added to instanced dungeons and missions.
- Chat function improved and new functions added.
- Reward alerts added for monster hunting and map exploration achievements.

2. Guild Changes
- Increased the maximum number of members in guilds.
- When the guild is first created, the maximum number of members will be 50 instead of 25.
- The guild tower attribute will increase the maximum number of members by 3 instead of 1.

3. Items
- A commission fee will now be applied when selling Tokens at the Market.
- Crafting x4 and x8 EXP Tomes now allowed with timed EXP Tomes (those with expiration dates).
    NOTE: Expired EXP Tomes cannot be used to craft advanced EXP Tomes.
- Mystical Cube moved from the consumable category to the cube category in the inventory.
- Special skill animations from the Dievdirbys Circle 3 Costume will now apply to all carving skills.
- Changed the weight of items Stone Pellet, Wheel of Judgement and Strange Yellow Paper to 1.
- Goddess' Blessed Cube sound effects changed according to item grade.

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