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Notice! New RMT Policy of Tree of Savior Will Influence Every Player-

  • 2018-06-27 18:20:13
  • Tree Of Savior Silver
  • TOS silver
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Tree of Savior officially announced that they will change the RMT policy in the upcoming update. Anyone breaks the rule in the new policy will be punished. If you ignore the rule for many times, you may be banned permanently. So every player should take it seriously.


Actually, this new policy can protect player's property in Tree Of Savior Silver trading. Players have been purchasing silver from silver-farming accounts. But they are not trustworthy. You may lose both your money and your TOS silver. The best way to buy TOS silver without fraud and loss is buying them on As the safest and most professional TOS silver seller, will never let you down.

What change will this new policy make? What are the details of those punishments? Let's have a preview together.

The first change of this new policy is reviewing items sold via Market from the date of this announcement until July 31. If the item was sold at a price far superior to its actual value, that item will be considered as a means for RMT and both seller and buyer accounts will be restricted.

As for the punishments, there will be 3 degrees:
Strike 1- GM message warning
Strike 2 (within 3 months of Strike 1)- Listed items and Silver (or items purchased with that Silver) seized and 15-day ban
Strike 3 (within 3 months of Strike 2)- Permanent ban

It seems like you'll never earn extra TOS silver from the Market. But, you can always buy TOS silver instead of farming them slowly in game. Remember that is always your best choice. We'll be very honored to hear from you.