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How to Get Warframe's Wisp Frame and Abilities?

  • 2019-07-19 16:13:19
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Wisp brings an elusive, ephemeral air to the game, and it shows in her abilities as well. You can use a light touch, or let loose the power of the sun on unwitting foes.


With Wisp, the only limit is your creativity. Her four abilities and passive will help you aid your teammates, set opponents up for team-based combos, and reposition yourself to get out of—or into—harm’s way. Keep your eyes on the best warframe platinum seller - gold.raiditem you will get the full warframe wisp guides.

How to get Wisp

Wisp’s construction isn’t necessarily easy, but luckily you’ll get all her blueprints from the Remastered Corpus Gas City on its own Assassination node on Jupiter. You’ll have to face down the Flying Eidolon Ropaloyst around 8-9 times to expectedly receive all blueprints. Once you’ve got the plans for each part, you’ll luckily have a healthy set of credits and Hexenon from Jupiter.

You’ll also need commonly-used frame construction materials like Plastids, Rubedo, Polymer Bundles, and Alloy Plates. Elsewhere, make sure you find an Argon Crystal from the Orokin Void or from Assassination missions and use it on the Chassis before it decays, lest you need to hunt for another one. You’ll likely already have some Tellurium to spare from daily login bonuses, which leaves Nitain Extract as the last material to farm. Put in the time on some Nightwave missions and you’ll be able to buy 2 units required to construct’s Wisp’s systems. If you just want to buy cheap warframe platinum to help you level up, don’t hesitate to place your orders on

Wisp's Abilities

The backbone of Wisp’s kit are her Reservoirs. These extra-dimensional pods come in three flavors - Vitality, Haste, and Shock—and they all fulfill specific roles. Once summoned, the pod will provide an AOE buff itself as well as sending out motes that extend the buff for up to 30 seconds while outside the range of the Reservoir. Vitality increases base health and adds passive regen, Haste increases movement, attack speed, and fire rate, and Shock provides a passive DOT in a short radius that also stuns in an arc.

Wil-O-Wisp is Wisp’s second ability, and there’s a reason it’s her namesake. Activating the ability will have the frame cloak and summon an ethereal projection of herself that will continue in a target direction to distract enemies as it travels. At any time during the skill’s duration, players can hit the key again to instantly teleport to the projection’s location and gain temporary invulnerability.

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