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WoW EU: Make Your Schedule on Guild Preparation for Next Expansion

  • 2017-08-04 18:49:11
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World of Warcraft: Legion as the major version currently, has been gradually comeing to an end. Once Legion finishes its periodic mission , it will be time for wow players to think about how to welcome a new stage. And for guild leaders and officers, they need to start preparing the guild and the guild bank for a new expansion. As a reputable wow gold eu site, gold.raiditem indeed hope soemthing can be beneficial to players in this period.


Preparing a guild for a new expansion is not as easy as it sounds. Take wow gold eu buying as an example. Before you can build your brand, you must help customers to adapt to new changes. but it’s also not as hard as people make it out to be. It is probably the most tedious task in prepping for a new expansion! Your first task would be to answer some questions among yourself, so this way you will have an idea of what you need to do to prepare your guild. What type of guild are you? Are you a raiding guild or a PvP guild? Are you a role play guild or social/leveling guild?

The only type of guild you might not have so much to do except a cleanup of the bank is a raiding guild. There might be more than just a cleanup of the bank, but it depends on you and how you feel about it. You definitely have work to do in a social or casual guild, maybe an RP guild depending on the type of items you provide to role players.

If you new to guild management, and even if you are not, take a look at our Bank management and tips for new guild masters. You may find some helpful tips.

1. Clean out your guild bank of any prior expansion stuff you won’t need. Former enchanting mats can sell on the Auction House or in trade, or you can even give them to an enchanter currently skilling up their enchanting as this is an expensive profession.

2. Do your research to learn what you will need for your guild, Raiding guild? Find out what flasks, pots, food, and even enchants will be the next big thing and start stocking up on mats.

3. Sell all old things your guild will no longer need, this will put gold in your bank as when the items do sell you can put that gold in the bank! You might be surprised to find out how much you could make from these older things.

4. Weed out any bad apples, some guilds do a member clean-up.  It is okay to remove that member who hasn’t logged in in a long time, though my guilds personally do not do guild member clean up’s unless we reach the max number of members (1000), if we did it, it would be just before a new expansion!  This would be a great time to do it! This way, you can make room for new players and members.

The tips mentioned above are just a few part and basic things on what you are likely to do during guild preparation, Apart from the given instruction, we advise you to store full stock wow eu gold. No need to pick out the best seller. Choose gold.raiditem! There are many more factors you might need to put into play, and we will take you to look at them later!