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Albion Online Merlyn Update: Faction Warfare

  • 2018-07-13 16:58:05
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Albion Online “Merlyn” update to release on July 31st with Faction Warfare. The Albion Online Merlyn update will provide new rewards for the game and feature a redistribution of resources across the game world.


Factional warfare is coming with the Albion Online Merlyn update, granting players a more substantial reason to engage in open-world PvP. As a Albion Online player, are you ready to enter the Merlyn with the "Faction Warfare"? If you are ready, don’t hesitate to come to the most popular online game marketplace to buy cheap Albion Online Gold to get better game experience.

The Merlyn update content:

Refining and Crafting Bonuses 

Each of the Royal Cities now has unique bonuses, based on materials that are rarer in that city's biome.

Resource Redistribution 

Enchanted resources now appear in greater quantities around the Royal Cities, providing new opportunities for gatherers and transporters.

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Equipment Overcharge

Overcharging an item gives it a temporary power boost, at the cost of risking breakage once the overcharge ends.

Marketplace UI Improvements

In addition to a more streamlined UI, players can now view a more accurate average price display and an in-depth sales history.

New Dungeon

The new T5 Group Dungeon, 'Stoneroot Caverns', pits you against hordes of massive Keepers in a sacred underground cave.

New Costumes and Trophies 

New wedding costumes celebrate the first year of Albion Online, and new Laborer Trophies are available for the various gathering nodes.

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