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Buy Cheap Albion Online Gold - Joseph Update Goes Live on September 27

  • 2017-09-26 15:29:19
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Albion Online is a mmorpg set in medieval fantasy world of Albion. In this game, whether you are a hardened fighter, a farmer, a merchant or a master craftsman, you are going to use your weapon to create your own building and explore the new world. Joseph is the first major post-launch update for Albion game which was officially released on July 17, 2017.


The Joseph update will definitely bring the game new features and offer players new experience of gameplay. To improve your performance, suggests you buy Albion Online gold cheap, fast and safe from the best place. Albion Online gold is the premium currency in the game, and you can use Albion Online gold to buy many items, upgrades and other things while playing.

According to the official announcement, the Joseph will be updated on September 27 for all the players of Sandbox MMORPG. It is a Arena mode that will provide thrilling battles, diverse rewards, and a plethora of possibilities to show off the results achieved. Besides, there will be additional PvP opportunities with "Treasure Sites", two new group expeditions, further UI/UX improvements, user-friendly Smart Casting, new weapon abilities for more variety and other improvements.

In the meantime, you will find other notable features in Joseph update of Albion Online game:

“Treasure Sites - ten locations throughout all zones where players can collect silver and duke it out with ghosts and each other to score currency for success.

Eternal Battle Expedition - players will work to push out an undead army to make the city habitable again

Three Sisters Expedition - find a missing Royal Guard and take on three sisters of the Morgana cult

Smart Cast - "Based on their play style, players can choose between two variants. With "Quick Cast on Button Press", ground-targeted abilities will be cast in the direction of the cursor when pressing the respective skill button. Or, with the "Quick Cast on Button Release" setting, a spell area indicator will appear at the position of the mouse when pressing and holding an ability key. When the pressed key is released, the ability will be cast. The "Normal Spell Cast" will remain as the default setting"

UI/UX improvements

Five new abilities for bows, daggers, cursed staves, swords and spears at Tier 5”

The Joseph update will be released on September 27, 2017. All details to the expansioncan be found at When you are going to have a better position in the Albion Online game, you can take buying Albion Online gold into account. provides you with full stock of Albion online gold at the most the reasonable price and fast & safe delivery. You will not feel disappointed here!