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The 4 Steps for the New Players in Albion Online

  • 2017-10-16 16:07:16
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If you are a new player of Albion Online, after creating your character, what are you expected to do next? In the following passage, I will focus on introducing some strategies for the new comers.


In the game, there are no classes. The reason is that Albion Online is a sandbox MMO. The abilities of characters rely on how equipped they are. Now, let’s talk about some tactics! And the full stock of Albion Online Gold with cheap price is available at gold.raiditem.
Setting a Goal
The game doesn’t have a plot or main quest to achieve. Instead, you can create a journey as a farmer, craftsperson, or warrior. If you want to be a warrior, then focus on PvP (steal other player’s loot) or PvE (mostly dungeon crawling). You can do a lot of things in this game depending on the path.

After you pick a path, you should commit to it. Take the time to inspect the Destiny Board to choose a path of armor and weaponry. It will help you plan which path to farm and which learning points to spend. At the same time, linking one path to another helps you win, because dying means losing all everything you have. Moreover, progressing to another path is only advisable when you’ve advanced enough in one path to start another safely. Choosing an alternate specialization for your character is beneficial in expeditions because you can replace another player who’s inefficient or injured. 

Sure, playing solo is all good, but we all know that progression is tied to equipment. You will need resources and materials that might not be available. Joining a group offers you these things. Moreover, you can learn lots of knowledge from more experienced players. Making a few friends and asking them things are good ways to learn how to do things better. Also, friends are good candidates for an expedition or hunting party. Of course, if you feel tired to be around other players, you can play solo. 

Beginning Your Farm Early
Farming means food, a resource that has high value by players for the upkeep of territories and buildings, so demand is always high. Food is the reason why it sells even when it’s expensive. It’s a reliable source of silver, which is useful to buy Albion Online Gold, and it can be used to purchase premium status. Yes, starting early means capitalizing on gains. You can acquire properties in various locations to use for farm. 

Many other guides that are more specific, which require other things to do, such as the Daily Expeditions. If you want to learn more details about the Albion Online Gold, keep your eyes on gold.raiditem. You can buy cheap Albion Online Gold at the lowest price. The final word is that the world of Albion Online is dangerous, so look after yourself while you’re exploring.