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Black Desert New Expansion: "Kamasylvia Part II" Goes Live

  • 2017-11-20 18:01:42
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Black Desert Online is already a massive game, graced by one of the biggest and richest open worlds in the genre. Back in September, Pearl Abyss added the Kamasylvia expansion for this game along with the caveat that it would be coming in two sections. And now the game becomes bigger than ever before as a new expansion "Kamasylvia Part II" is available from November 15.


You can play the game with your full stock Black Desert Silver farmed with low price on gold.raiditem for PC. As the game will have a  PS4 version next year, you can't miss the details about the "Kamasylvia Part II."

The content unfolds while players complete over 100 story-driven quests in the newly opened area. Adventurers will be able to explore the vast open fields and dense forests that surround Grána, the capital city of Kamasylvia, where NPCs sell the latest wares and where players can set up residence by buying new Kamasylvian-style homes. A new Forest Path Wagon can be obtained, as well as a new dream horse called Diné.

Players who continue to challenge the task with BDO Silver can look forward to new grinding spots such as Polly Forest, Loopy Tree Forest, Tooth Fairy Forest, and Gyfin Rhasia Temple. Located to the west of Grána city, Polly Forest is inhabited by Imp thieves and is known for its dangerous mushrooms that continuously deal poison damage. The Loopy Tree Forest  is ideal for swift grinding and borders the Acher Guard Post, where adventurers can stock up on potions. The menacing Forest Ronaros reside in the Tooth Fairy Forest, ready to engage brave groups of players who come their way. Finally, Gyfin Rhasia Temple serves as new group-based end-game PvE content where adventurers will face level 60+ monsters for a chance at the new Lemoria Armor Set.

The new addition will be launching on Wednesday, November 15th and will provide players with even more background regarding the relationship between the Ranger and the Dark Knight. If you want to know more details about the trailer, come to its official site.

Black Desert Online is currently available for PC, and will be released for Xbox One next year. Buy black desert online silver if that day coms quickly. In addition, we can expect mobile version of the game as it has started exploration in mobile platforms.