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New Events Available With Latest Update in LifeAfter!

  • 2019-08-09 17:13:10
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In order to celebrate the Chinese Valentine's Day which is also known as Qixi Festival, LifeAfter make a brand new event and outfit in game. Except new events, there are also lots of amazing features available alongside the new update. Today, let's take a look about these fantastic highlights!


According to the information knows, there will be 5 events running this time with 3 older events making a return. Each event will bring you different experience. Some event can be easily completed if you have LifeAfter Credits full stock. So make sure you are fully prepared for these events!

The major event will be helping a stranger that has wandered into Hope 101, telling the story of his lover and we would have to complete the tasks given by them to receive rewards.

During this next event, 1 Sky Lantern can be received for free from the Event screen every day. Use Sky Lanterns to make a Wish and Wish Item, or invite 1 nearby survivor to release the lantern with you. Both you and the survivor can make a wish. The Sky Lantern will then carry your wish or wishes into the sky.

Lucky Snap-Up is making a return due to its popularity! In this event players participate in alottery-like system where you buy tickets and a random ticket wins. The more tickets you buy the higher are your chances of winning the draw. The winner will get the item for which the lottery was held and the others will get equal amount of Qixi Paper. This was the only way to get the Pink Tree for your manors so I think this will be event catching the eye of many architects around Hope 101.

Bargain Shop will also make a return with this update, allowing players to bargain on the gift packages that refresh at 0000 game server time daily. This event will runfrom August 8th to August 14th,2019. The more the people buy the gift package the lower would be its final cost. Whoever had paid more than the final cost would be refunded the extra amount.

Duo Training is back as usual which allows you to complete tasks with a friend of yours to earn Experience and Qixi Paper which can be exchanged for precious garden items such as natural garden components and Qixi furniture during the limited time of the caravan market.

Don't you feel excited about these events? Join them an show your yourself before they end. If you ever need to buy LifeAfter Credits for power enhancement or special items, just remember that is always here for you with best price and top services!