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Learn more details about the Rift Platinum game world

  • 2017-07-27 15:00:11
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Rift's first pay-only expansion since it went free-to-play, Starfall Prophecy, has brought with it a change to how things are handled in the game's cash shop. The big one is that this is only available for cash, rather than Credits, and leads to a situation where it just isn't as beneficial to players (and Trion) as it could be. Rift Platinum game is constantly developing so you will never get tired of it. You will find plenty of aspects of Rift Platinum very similar to your real own, which makes the game even more fascinating. Feel interested? Let’s learn more details about the game world.


Rift Platinum EU relies on players purchasing things from its cash shop to continue running. is definitely your best choice. This can come in the form of new souls, items that don't have any effect on the game itself, Patron status, or a multitude of other things. The store is the only way the game can continue running, and it is, therefore, an important part of the Rift system.

The issue comes with the addition of Starfall Prophecy, which has broken the trend that has become the norm. Rather than being able to purchase the expansion using Credits, it can only be obtained in one of two ways: either by buying Rift Platinum EU it yourself (using cash) or via the gifting system. Finally, with cheap RIFT Platinum EU, you can buy some junior characters. The has prepared RIFT Platinum EU in the RIFT game, and we promise you 100% safe and fast delivery.