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How to Use Vampire Raiders and Dawn Guards together

  • 2017-05-04 17:54:12
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Many players really love the game Elder Scrolls Online, and like to use Vampire Raiders to acquire attack points quickly. Actually, the weapon—Dawn Guard has the similar functions. Can we combine the two to increase our roles’ fighting force? Yes, there are exactly some useful tips.


Theoretically speaking, we can increase two role's power through the Elder Scrolls Online Gold at the same time. But we can not join two army groups to undertake union task because the Vampire Raiders and Dawn Guard are opposite in a way. Well, this situation is possibly changed. In the last series, we are glad to see the Sotham Noodle finally shook hands with Snowyon, which also indicated the opposite sides can ignore unpleasant things and fight together.

Core Steps:
First, you can choose to be a vampire when the vampire dialog box appears in the castle: Valkyard. At the same time, don't forget to open the console. You need to input the content like “Setstage dicivq02 190” to end the “blood line” task and start obtaining new order before dawn in game.
Then, you should withdraw from console, and click the button “receive the gift and become vampire”. You won't be a member of vampire until the conversation ends.
Finally, input the message like “Setstage DLCIVampireBaseIntro” to build a double formation Theoretically. 
However, it's not easy to start carrying out such a plan. A lot of details should be noticed. The specific steps are as follow:
Basic preparation and information:
1.You need first grasp the skills to operate the console. At least, you should know the accurate position of the relevant keyboards. Keypad in the console is useful for you to copy the code you have entered. 
2.Learn to use shortcut keyboards like F5 and F9 which can help you read and save what you input.
3.Perking skills play an important role in console operation. And you can use these skills by entering code “player. Addspell 0007e8db”.

Some Trouble of New Order:
Solinie is a problem girl who always seeks for the methods to make mass destruction weapons. If you take a vampire role to talk with her, you may be attacked.
Enter the relevant code to finish the task of Dawn Rising to find a cure for vampire syndrome. Then you can talk with Solinie safely.

Suggestions from gold.raiditem:
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