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New character "Commander Varian" Arrives ESO Soon |

  • 2018-07-30 12:25:34
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New expansion Moon Hunter Keep is going to release. According to the developers of ESO, this new game pack is full of danger and challenges. You can't take it down alone. Therefore, your back up- Commander Varian is ready to help you.


According to the information know, Commander Varian is one of the Order of the Silver Dawn's most devoted soldiers. He may be the most powerful character if you have enough eso gold to get him geared up. And you may need to buy eso gold in advance to get this character wen it's released. But we are not sure about that. Perhaps the commander is free. You will find it out when it's available.

Commander Varian is loyal to the Silver Dawn and meticulous in his practices. He is sending to Tamriel to help all warriors conquer Moon Hunter Keep and slay the vicious creatures inside it. No soldier is more worthy or willing to lead a squad into Moon Hunter Keep than him. 

Commander Varian was stationed in the keep before Vykosa's attack, only missing the massacre by a few days due to another assignment. Therefore, he feels a sense of guilt about the whole affair. Many of those who died were under his command at the time. So he won't allow that tragedy happen again. With his help and loyal, you can definitely complete all the challenges.

More details of Commander Varian will be revealed in the future. will keep updating the latest news for you. Please keep tuned on our website. And if you are looking for a place to buy eso items or anything you need, we are always the best. Feel free to contact for more. We'd be very glad to hear from you.