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The Elder Scrolls Online Update 19 Preview -

  • 2018-08-09 14:23:26
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TESO update 19 is a free base game update for all ESO players arriving with the Wolfhunter DLC. This update includes a brand new Battlegrounds map and an added AvA for Tamriel's PvPers.


Update 19 will be offered with the new Dungeon Pack and offers a range of improvements and new features for all players free of charge, including new battlefield maps, Alliance War Change, new skill re-updates and Werewolf skill line improvements! Read all the new features in this article about update 19 with gold.raiditem. Gold.raiditrem has prepared a lot of cheap TESO Gold for this update for players to buy.

Istirus Outpost

Located on the southwestern border of Cyrodiil, this new arena is home to a series of fiercely fighting Battlegrounds. First, the map is only semi-symmetrical, which means that the way you navigate in the arena will vary from team to team. Istirus Outpost was also the first battlefield to allow players to board. If you want to browse the arena as quickly as possible, you must sprint or consume a lot of TESO Gold to improve your abilities.

New Battlegrounds Clothing Style

Update 19 also introduces a new set of Battlegrounds theme styles. Now you will be able to get the Outfit Style pages of the three Battlegrounds teams: Pit Daemon, Storm Lords and Fire Drakes.

Each new Outfit Style page has the opportunity to give up when completing Battlegrounds, but you will have a higher chance of receiving the page with the higher page of your team. Specific clothing styles are awarded according to the Battlegrounds game mode. If you want to have all the new theme equipment, then come to gold.raiditem to buy TESO Gold now.

Keep Recall Stones

Update 19 also introduces a new Alliance War project: Keep Recall Stones. Now, if you have a Keep Recall Stone, you can immediately transfer to any of the currently owned Keeps, which may bring you long trips. You can transfer to Keep or Outpost using Keep Recall Stones in the Inventory or Quickslot wheel. You can earn Keep Recall Stone with 20,000 points.

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Keep Degradation & Resource Changes

Update 19 made a major change to the resources of Cynodiil's Keeps and its surrounding resources. There are now two levels of Keeps and Resources. If you first capture the resource points around it, the time it takes to attack and capture Keep will be much faster. If you are defending Keep, please pay close attention to your mine, lumber mill and farm. If they are attacked, you may need to risk surpassing the high walls of your fortress.

In addition to the above updates, Update 19 brings many improvements and additions to quality of life. What’s more, Update 19 brings many new experiences and rewards to its PvP players. You can also visit gold.raiditem for more TESO updates and cheaper The Elder Scrolls Online Gold.