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Wild Hunt Items Return to The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store -

  • 2018-09-11 15:25:51
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Good news! In a rare instance, Bethesda is returning several old items to the Elder Scrolls Online store for a limited time. Namely, items associated with the Wild Hunt.


Bethesda has taken down plenty of items from the in-game Crown Store during The Elder Scrolls Online’s lifespan. As such, items which were themed around a particular DLC or event are often phased out for newer items. As a result, those phased out items become impossible to acquire in many cases.But fortunately, Wild Hunt items return to The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store. Now let’s look at all the details. If you need to buy TESO Gold, gold.raiditem is the best place.

The Wild Hunt unravels the shapes Y'ffre established for creatures in the Dawn Era, transforming them into monstrous but vigorous hybrid beasts. Among these, both beautiful and abhorrent, is the Wild Hunt Senche-Mount.

The Wild Hunt Senche is a unique senche mount in The Elder Scrolls Online. It was available exclusively from the Wild Hunt crown crates during the second quarter of 2017, as an apex reward.

Bethesda announced the return to the store via a Tweet on the official Elder Scrolls Online Twitter account. The Wild Hunt is an event which takes place in Valenwood, and it was also the theme of 2017’s second quarter in The Elder Scrolls Online. During that period, players could buy “Wild Hunt Crates,” filled with a random assortment of Wild Hunt-themed items. The crates made a brief return to the game for four days in December of 2017. However, they have been unavailable until now.

As a reminder, since it is not known how long Bethesda plans to keep Craters in the store, players should take action as soon as possible. But you can always buy eso items and TESO Gold at gold.raiditem.

Players can purchase either 4 Wild Hunt Crates for 1,500 Crowns, or 15 Crates for 5,000 Crowns. The Crates can contain a wide assortment of items. However, many of the items are themed around Valenwood or the Wild Hunt specifically. The Crates’ Apex Rewards are six “Wild Hunt” animals which serve either as mounts; a bear, a camel, a guar, a horse, a senche, and a wolf.

In addition to the two Crate bundles, the company has added the Wild Hunt Senche mount to the Elder Scrolls Online store as a standalone purchase. It will cost players 400 Crown Gems. For more information of The Elder Scrolls Online, you can keep your eyes on, we always update the latest news of Elder Scrolls Online and some useful guide for players. Of course, as a professional online game currency seller for many years, we also provide cheapest eso gold and eso items to all players.