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The Elder Scrolls Online Guides of Choosing The Right Class

  • 2017-05-19 16:40:04
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If you are a big fan of MMORPG, you must know the importance of the class. So you should choose a right class before playing the Elder Scrolls Online. There are four classes in The Elder Scrolls Online: Sorcerer, Nightblade, Dragon Knight and Templar. Read the following contents for more details of these four classes.


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The first class I want to talk about is Sorcerer, which is the main magic class in ESO. Sorcerers have access to high DPS and direct damage abilities through the Storm Calling skill tree. They can also summon pets, like a WoW Warlock, through Daedric Summoning, or control enemies with Dark Magic. Keep in mind fantasy magic user tropes aren't useful to see Sorcerers act in the Tank roll for group content.  

the Nightblade class is definitely a good choice if you liked sneaking and stealing in Skyrim. They can output huge DPS through the Assasination skill tree, or focus on stealth and surprise with Shadow skills. They even get some damage-over-time and self-healing abilities through the classes’Siphoning tree. Many Nightblades will focus on dual wielding combat, or ranged attacks with a bow.

Dragon Knight
What are the big warriors of The Elder Scrolls Online? The answer must be Dragon Knights, which can fight up-close and personal with big weapons, and have access to high damage fire magic. They can also make great damage dealers, or great tanks with a sword and shield equipped.

You can use the power of light or anything threatenin to combat darkness if you choose the Templar class. Aedric Spear powers will cause high damage, as well as stuns and interrupts. Dawn's Wrath abilities do damage too, but also weaken enemies through debuffs. The Templar's best powers are in the Restoring Light tree, which introduces a second set of healing powers alongside the Restoration Staff line available to all classes. Expect a properly-specc'd Templar to be an amazing group healer.  

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