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Enjoy The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind With These Top Free Guides

  • 2017-07-24 18:15:41
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The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind available for several days. I believe many players must want to play better than others players in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind. Now, I want to share some top free guides that can be helpful. Read the following parts for more details.


When starting out in Vvardenfell, slot as many different abilities from your different Skill Lines as you can in your action / shortcut bar. Even if you don't use the abilities in question, as you gain XP, they will still gain levels for themselves and their associated Skill Lines. Besides that, you also need to buy TESO Gold & eso items that could be helpful to play the game well.

While exploring, be sure to pick up and try every type of weapon and armor you find. By equipping and using a weapon, you unlock its Skill Line for future use. When you have equipped three pieces of armor of any one type (Light, Medium, or Heavy) you also unlock its Skill Line. If you'd like to earn levels for a weapon Skill Line, slot one of its abilities in your action bar. Even if you're not using the weapon in question, it will still earn XP and level up!

You might not have found enough armor pieces to ensure you are completely covered when playing with a new character. Armor pieces between levels 1-14 can be crafted immediately and require no Skill Points be spent. To get started, harvest some resources in the wild and find a crafting station. As you craft, you'll even improve your skills!

You will find a lot of items during your adventures in Vvardenfell, so your Bank and Inventory space might be at a premium. To ensure you have enough space for all of your hard-earned loot, talk to a Banker (found near the entrance to Vivec City) to upgrade your Bank space and a Pack Merchant to upgrade your Inventory (found in the Canton of St. Olms in Vivec City.) Upgrading Bank and Inventory space will cost gold.

Vvardenfell is a huge place, so it's a good idea to make the most out of the island's many travel options. Most major settlements will have Silt Striders (look for the towers), and some (such as Vivic City and Sadrith Mora) will have boatswains. Each one can take you to different locations, making it possible to reach almost every corner of the island without having to walk or ride there first. Don't forget that even as you explore, you'll gain XP!

Don’t be hesitate to try these guides if you want to be a game master. And we will keep on updating many others useful guides for you. BTW, full stock of TESO Gold also available at gold.raiditem! We guarantee 100% cheap price and fast delivery!