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How to Survive in The Elder Scrolls Online

  • 2017-09-11 18:04:51
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All the players want to have eternal life in The Elder Scrolls Online but it is impossible. However, you can move further with some useful game guides. Read the following contents if you want to know how to survive in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Enchant your weapons and morph your abilities
TESO's rather obtrusive in-game help doesn't do a great job of explaining either of these useful activities. After you use a particular spell or skill a lot and gain enough experience in it, you can morph it so that it's even more powerful and useful. And if you want to buy TESO Gold and eso items, gold.raiditem can be your best choice.

Morphing will cost you a skill point you could use to gain a whole new spell or ability, but just ask yourself: would you rather have one weedy new ability, or a super-potent one that kicks some serious monster butt.
Similarly, remember that weapons and armour can be enchanted with glyphs, adding extra damage or knock-on damage effects, or increasing the protective powers of items or armour. You can also craft your own glyphs in the game by gathering and combining runes.

Learn how to fight
In TESO, the old ‘stand around and hammer the hotkeys' routine that works so well in so many MMORPGs no longer functions. You need to think about your position while you're fighting, keep your enemies in view, and – most importantly – block, dodge and interrupt.

If you see an enemy winding-up for a killer blow or a telltale area-of-effect market appearing beneath your feet, then double-tap a movement key quickly to dodge. Alternatively, use the right-click block to take the sting out of the incoming attack, then left-click to interrupt the next one. Don't block, dodge or interrupt and you simply won't survive the more difficult fights.

Prepare for battle
If you’re going into a combat-heavy quest or a dangerous area, sort out your hotbar first. At any time this can house five spells or abilities and one ultimate ability, specific to your class. You need to make sure that you're using the most effective set of abilities, which might not necessarily be the most recent abilities you’ve unlocked.

As a rule of thumb, if you notice that you're not using a spell or ability in battle, replace it with one that you will. It’s also vitally important that you use the quickslot for your potions and consumables. Press I to open the inventory screen, press Q to open your quickslot radial menu, then drag health, magic and stamina potions into the slots provided.

Ultimate Power
Get an Ultimate Ability as soon as you can; they're class-specific and you earn them by using and unlocking spells and abilities in the same line as you level. While you can unlock several, you can only have one on your hotbar at any time, and they have a pretty lengthy recharge time, as they're not powered by stamina or magicka like your other skills and spells.

However, to balance these out they can be hugely useful in the game's more awkward battles. Don't ignore passive abilities either. These can dramatically ramp up the effectiveness of your spells or offensive skills, or even help you regain health, stamina and magicka during combat.

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