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Ultimate Guides Help You Gain More ESO Gold for Dragonknight Faster - Gold.Raiditem

  • 2017-12-12 14:08:47
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ESO gold is as important for Dragonknight as for other classes in The Elder Scroll Online. If you are one of those who are eager to become rich, this post is a much read.


Don’t have time to farm TESO Gold? Why not buy TESO Gold instead? offers you a full stock of eso gold at the lowest price. If you play as a dragonknight, try to apply the following tips (including build a character, increase your crafting skills, and do Writs) to help you get more gold and boost your power. 

Build a new crafting character 
Spending skill points to crafting skills can significantly decrease your potential as a Dragonknight. It’s better to create a completely new character purely focusing on crafting. This character should have all crafting skills at max. This way you are going to have 2 characters: one being the dragonknight purely with a PvE build and the other one on the crafting.

The good thing is you can craft whatever you want as well as having a more powerful character. You might need to spend more time creating a new crafting character. But it’s worthwhile.

Because of the more efficiently in fighting, your dps dragonknight will be able to farm teso gold from a grinding spot really fast. Then, you can make more gold using crafting character, especially on raw materials. You can craft, sell, and extract them for more gold.

Do Writs 
Writs are some way like daily quests, and it’s only available once every 20 hours, so remember complete them all every time you play. Completing a few writs can gain you a lot of TESO gold and other crafting materials that can be crafted or sold later for gold. Doing writs will not take a long at all. Within only a few minutes, you can gather materials, collect writs and stuff. It’s even possible to make over hundred thousands of gold per hour. A good horse is essential since you need to travel from place to place all the time.

Crafting Skills
In your crafting character, you should have different skills for all crafting jobs including, woodworking, alchemy, clothing, enchanting, and more. Then, you can maximize based on what you need for the dragonknight. At the very least, you should maximize all crafting skills related to material extraction such as Metal Extraction, Unraveling, and wood extraction. They will give you a LOT more gold from better-extracted items.

Keep close on to get more practical tips to play the Elder Scroll Online with more benefits. You can also take buying eso items into account if you get stuck while playing the game. guarantees 100% cheap ESO Gold. Buy ESO Gold within 15 mins delivery now. By the way, Star Wars Credits is for hot sale now. Most reasonable price and top service await you.