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How To Spend Your Township Cash To build A Fantanstic Dream Town - Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-07-05 15:31:07
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Township is a game that combines city-building and farming. The player begins with a starter town and in order to develop it they should harvest crops, run processing facilities and sell goods.


Township Cash is the main currency which can be used to buy items and exchange resources in the process of building your town. As to how to available use your Township cash, will provide you with the best tips and tricks, so keep close. In the meantime, some elite players prefer to buy Township cash rather than spending much time and energy to sell goods and get Township cash. is the most ideal place to buy Township cash.

You can use different buildings and decorations to create your dream town

● Planting various crops and then processing them at the factory.

● Take care of cute animals.

● Open your restaurant, explore the mine.

● Farm management and expansion.

● Buy exotic goods brought from the island.

● Building a zoo and even breeding animals.

● Flags and famous landmarks, you can use to decorate your town, such as the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and more.

Township Cash are used to buy XP points are used to level up. As the player accumulates XP points and goes through levels, more kinds of crops, factories, community buildings and decorations become available.

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