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Elsword Demon Realm Update: 2 New Dungeons

  • 2018-07-16 16:27:40
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Kog Games has released the latest update to Elsword Online which launches 2 new dungeons, labyrinth ruins and Guardian Forest. Both are located in the demonic kingdom.


Kog Games introduced two new dungeons for Elsword, Labyrinth of Ruin and Guardian’s Forest. Demon Realm also introduces a new property, adaptability; when players adapt to the demonic kingdom, they can recover their lost statistics. have prepared a lot of Elsword Gold for this update. Are you ready to buy cheapest Elsword ED?

After many attempts, El Search Party finally found a way to go to the demonic kingdom. What kind of creatures and trials do they encounter?

Under the huge crack below El Tower there is a seal with demonic energy. When Denif opened the seal, El Search Party escaped and found them in the kingdom of Henir; the labyrinth of destruction. In order to find the demon kingdom and end this eternal struggle forever, they must cross the kingdom of Henry and seek out the forests that transcend the blue light and all those hidden in the fog.

Now players can use the new mystery enchantment system to make the terminal game equipment more powerful. Use the mysterious enchantment to choose Elsword ED to become even more powerful!

What’s more, players can participate in the Devil World Tournament from now until July 24. The Destruction Maze and the Guardian Forest Dungeons can be cleaned up every day for rewards. For example, both Leviathan Fragments and Forginay's Leaf can be converted to other items.

Players can click the official site of Elsword to see what the new dungeon look like. For more information of Elsword, please keep watching, here you can also learn ELsword news without buying anything. If you have the requirement of buying Elsword ED, please have a try at, we will never let you down!